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Hibiscus at
Diamond Head

Hawaiian Hibiscus


Christmas Magnolia

Magnolia Insert

Naughty Kitty

Christmas Dreams

Happy Scarecrows

Thanksgiving Blessings

Reindeer Haute Couture

Snowman Ornament

Halloween Skull

Halloween Owl

Three Cat Night

Not in Kansas

Tree of Life Tallis Bag

Sound of the Shofar
Tallis Bag

Jerusalem Tallis Bag

Happy Chanukah

Oy Vey

Beshert with
Hibiscus Border

Challah Cover

Tallis Bag


Dancing Girl with
Jeweled Mask

Dancing Girl with Peacock Feathers

Sea Turtle

Soccer Mom




Cat Tails

River of Flowers Insert

Later Gator

Purple Pansies

Group Therapy

Multi-Colored Giraffes

Blue-Haired Girl

Don't Cry Shop Girl

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