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Mindy's Needlepoint
Click on the images to see a larger picture, as well as the artist, dimensions, mesh and price.

Leaf Clock

Rainbow Clock

Asian Clock

Ocean Clock

Asian in Reds

Asian in Blues

Asian in Greens

Asian in Teals

Whimsy Winter

Whimsy Autumn

Whimsy Summer

Whimsy Spring

Fun Button Blooms

Christmas Flower Buttons

Whimsy in Pink

Silhoutte in Red

Silhoutte in Green

Silhoutte in Mauve

Blue Willow

Blue Birdie

Cardinals in Spring

Cardinals in Winter

Earlie Birdie

Orange Blossoms

Art Nouveau

Purple Flower

Geometric Squares C

Geometric Squares D

Geometric Stocking - 1

Geometric Stocking - 2

Geometric Squares E

Geometric Squares - F

Shadowed Quilts

Modern Asian



Hearts in Color

Deco Music

Welcome Buggy


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