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Matilda the Witch

Out for a Ride

Witch Lighting a Pumpkin

Scholarly Witch

Witch's Tea Party

Moonlit Dance

Valentine March

Christmas March

Thanksgiving March

4th of July March

Easter Parade

Winter Bear

Christmas Dance

Sleepy Easter Bunny

Witch Hat

Relaxed Kitty




Rainbow Trout

Fishing Creel

Woodland Scene


Pine Tree

Santa on Horseback

Nutcracker Suite

Sledding Santa

Evergreen Santa

Santa Peace

Western Santa

Patriotic Santa

Santa Gingerbread House

Santa's Ark and Nativity

Southern Santa

Santa Delivering

Woodland Santa

Santa Fly Fishing

Santa Skiing

Nutcracker Christmas

Woodland Santa 2

Flying High Santa

Night Time Greeting

On the Rooftop

The Entourage

Santa's On His Way

Silver Santa

Woodland Angel

Cowboy Nutcracker

Geese Stocking

Lighting the Tree

Red Angel with Dove

Reindeer Stocking

Wild Rose Fairy

Fairy Stocking

Blue Santa Stocking

Nativity Stocking

Santa with Puppies Stocking

I- Enchanted Santa

Fox Hunt Santa

Teeing Off

Farming Santa Stocking

Walking in the Woods Stocking

Golden Angel Stocking

Santa & his Ark

Skiing Snowman

Woodland Angel Stocking

St. Nick


Row Houses


Red Poppies

Cherry Blossoms

Books & Mouse

Mice & Books



Chinese Red Dragon

Pink Roses



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