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Click on the images to see a larger picture, as well as the artist, dimensions, mesh and price.

The Chelsea Needlepoint line offers many of the canvases in a variety of dimensions and sizes due to their unique production process. The canvases are not hand-painted but printed onto the canvas. Many of the square images can be done in 5 x 5, 10 x 10, 15 x 15 and 20 x 20 sizes with mesh sizes of: 10, 12 14 or 18. The rectangular images are also available in a variety of sizes, keeping the rectangular proportions..

Hydrangea (white)


Barn Owl

Rosa Gallica

Hydrangea (blue)

Young Hare

Double Decker



Young Hare

Great Blue Heron

Redhead Duck

Our Favorite Show

Big Cat




Father Christmas

You've Got Mail

Summer Rain


Fly Me Home

Cafe Terrace

Van Gogh's Bedroom

Voie a Jardin
du Luxembourg

Peupliers a St-Remy

Mulberry Tree

Flowering Plum Tree

Turquoise Agate


Day of the Dead

Party Fairy

Ballet Birdie

Flowers #7

Flowers #13

The Brig Mercury

Lady of Shallot


Deeds of
Christian Charity

Cafe Miami

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