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Melissa Shirley
Click on the images to see a larger picture, as well as the artist, dimensions, mesh and price.

You can view Melissa's full line of canvases at


Crimson Santa

Green Santa with Cardinals

White Santa

Candy Cane Santa

Green Toy Santa Banner

Love Lights
Santa Banner

Green Santa Stocking

Classic Snowman Stocking

Teddy Bear and Tree Stocking

Forest Snowman

Forest Snowman Ornament

Christmas Teacups

Joyous Tidings Santa

2005 Old Fashioned Santa

Victorian Child with Muff

Victorian Child with Dog

Forest Snowman

Forest Santa

Valentine Santa

Santa with Wreath Stocking

Snowman with Cardinals

Snowman with Tree

Christmas Teddy Bear

Christmas Teddy Bear with Pointsetta

Bunny Stocking

Mouse Stocking

Skunk Stocking

Racoon Stocking

Beaver Stocking

Animal Stocking

Animals at House Stocking

Animal Wonderland

Golden Star Santa Stocking

Santa with Cookies Stocking

Gingerbread Stocking

Santa Filling Stocking

Brick Toyshop Stocking

Brick Toyshop Stocking

Santa's Toyshop Stocking

Baking Santa Stocking

White Winter Walk Stocking
Walking in the Wood Stocking
Walking in the Woods

Lapland Santa Stocking

Fancy Christmas Stocking

Nordic Santa Stocking

Wildwood Snowman Stocking

Snowman Stocking

Santa Stocking '04

Victorian Santa

Sailing Stocking

Apple Sauce Wacky House Stocking


Red Angel Tree Topper

Russet Angel Tree Topper

Snowman Stocking

Tree Snowman

Children were nestled....

Red Santa

Santa with Animals

White Santa

Santa Stocking

Santa's Sleigh

Christmas Tree

Heart Tree


Cottage Deer Ornament

Red Cottage Ornament

Green House Stocking

Red House Stocking

Homespun Tree Stocking

Wild Wood Snowman Stocking


Cronisha Witch

Eviline Witch

Malicia Witch

Toadella Witch

Halloween Purse - Cats

Haunted House Banner

Halloween Purse - Boo

Witch Banner

Stitching Witches Club

Cat with Candle

Ratina Witch

Boo Banner

Wicked Witch of the West


Witch Ornament

Owl Ornament

Spider Ornament

Scarecrow Ornament

Broom Repair

Monster Music

Black Widow Webmaster

Skull Ornament

Ice Cream Parlor

Wick n Wax

Halloweenies Diner

Large Witch



Pumpkin Man

Candy Corn Man

Devil on Pumpkin

Ghoul on Pumpkin

Witch on Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkins

Crow with Swirly-gigs

Crow with Pumpkins

Crow with Spots

Crow with Diamonds

Halloween Crow
Pull Toy

Halloween Cat
Pull Toy

Halloween Party Cat

Devil Purse

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