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Rebecca Wood
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May Tree Ornament

July Tree Ornament

August Tree Ornament

September Tree Ornament

November Tree Ornament

Santa's Tree Pillow

Santa Pillow

North Pole Pillow

Penguin Ornament

Bell Ornament

Santa Ornament

I sprang from my bed

Santa's Sleigh

Cheese! Ornament

Bear and Bunny Ornament

Snoozing Santa Ornament

Eye to Eye Ornament

Mantel Reindeer Ornament

Rocking Reindeer Ornament

Will ewe be mine?

Ewe are my sunshine

Merry Christmas to Ewe

Happy Birthday to Ewe

January Cow Ornament

February Cow Ornament

April Cow Ornament

July Cow Ornament

December Cow Ornament

It's Springing

In the Summer Time

It's Autumn Time

January Sheep Ornament

March Sheep Ornament

April Sheep Ornament

May Sheep Ornament

June Sheep Ornament

July Sheep Ornament

August Sheep Ornament

November Sheep Ornament

January Frog Panel

December Frog Panel

St. Nicholas Panel

Fall Harvest Train

Not a Creature was Stirring

Nestled in Bed

Away to the Window

Summer Breeze

In the Winter

Say Cheese

Woodland Santa

Bad Landing

Rough Landing

Christmas Time

Football Santa

Dolls for Christmas

In the Sky

Doll Christmas

Trains for Christmas

North Pole

Santa's Workshop

Dolls for Christmas

Woodland Snowman

Caroler Snowman Stocking

Caroler Snowman Stocking

Out of the Fireplace, Boy Stocking

Out of the Fireplace, Girl Stocking

Little Girl's Doll Stocking

Trains for Christmas Stocking

Christmas Morning, Boy Stocking

Santa on the River Stocking

Toy Castle Stocking

The Last Stop Stocking

Bell Angel

To Bethlehem Stocking

Christmas Trains Stocking

Angel Tree Stocking

Snow Fun

Tubing Snowmen

Ornaments on Tree

Here Comes Santa

The Skating Pond

Up On the Roof

Mother's Love, Boy

Play Ball

Beach Memories

Patriotic Village

Thanksgiving Day


Mary & Joseph

Train Station Village

Evening Express

Mary & Joseph

Kneeling Camel


Golden Angel

A partridge in a pear tree

2 Turtledoves

3 French hens

4 Colly Birds

5 Golden Rings

6 Geese a Layin'

7 Swans a Swimmin'

8 Maids a Milkin'

9 Ladies Dancing

10 Lords a Leapin'

11 Pipers Piping

12 Drummers Drummin'



Moo Christmas

January Snowman Ornament

January Banner Cake

March Banner Cake

October Banner Cake

Easter Tree House

Hen House

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