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Over the years, our designers, Claire, Laura, &  Jennifer,  have taught special classes, resulting in some fabulous designs. We have delved into the archives and are now making these projects available to you.

Prices listed include the canvas and stitch guide which results in the show-stopping pieces shown below. If you would like us to pull the threads, let us know and we'd be happy to provide them, however the prices below include only the canvas and stitch guide.

Projects by Claire HaldanStitcher GirlsBunniesHalloweenChristmasMiscellaneous
Stitcher Girls
Smyrna Kraw:

This fabulous canvas is painted by Melissa Shirley includes beading and some layered stitching. Wonderful for a stitcher's room or a tote bag to carry your stitching

Dimensions: 5.5" x 9.9"

Canvas & stitch guide: $125.00

Connie Nan Tell:

This fabulous canvas is painted by Melissa Shirley. Includes layered stitches, a little beading & weaving.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 9.9"

Canvas & stitch guide: $125.00

Easter Bunnies
Boy Bunny:

This sweet canvas by Mile High Princess is finished as a standing, weighted figure that you can put on any table at Easter.

Dimensions: 4" x 12"

Canvas & Stitch Guide: $135.00

Girl Bunny:

You're going to want the set of two bunnies! You'll love the stitches on this Mile High Princess canvas.

Dimensions: 4" x 12"

Canvas & Stitch Guide: $135.00

Melissa Shirley's Pumpkin Patch!

Claire has designed a beautiful pumpkin patch!
We have 12 wonderful little designs.

Each pumpkin is about 5" x 5"...
whether you use them along a table as a centerpiece, or attach them to a spooky wreath, you're sure to enjoy these little pumpkins...

It's witchy time!

This fabulous project was stitched during 2007. All ornaments with stitch guides are available. As well as the Haunted House canvas which was used to make the stand for a Halloween tree.

Canvases are by Melissa Shirley Designs and Rebecca Woods Designs

Click here for more details


You're going to love stitching this fabulous witch. Layered stitches, beading and a special padding method will open all new horizons for your witchy stitching. Finishing our little lady on a post allows you to display her in a plant, floral arrangement or basket!

Dimensions: 8" x 11"

Canvas & stitch guide: $145.00

Leaping Witch & Pumpkin:

Painted by Mile High Princess, you're going to love this leaping lady. This unique finishing technique makes for a wonderful centerpiece.

Witch Dimensions: 9" x 8"
Pumpkin Dimensions: 3" x 3"

Canvas & stitch guide: $120.00

Little Witch:

Great layering makes this little witch painted by Artists Collection very special.

Dimensions: 7" x 14"

Canvas & stitch guide: $120.00

Pumpkin Teapot:

This adorable pillow, painted by Shelly Tribbey, will liven up your chair or sofa and be a fun small project to get you in the Halloween mood.

Dimensions: 5" x 6"
Canvas & stitch guide: $100.00

Witchy Woman:

We've made our wonderful witchy woman into a Halloween pendant. You'll enjoy stitching this great canvas by Mile High Princess.

7.5" x 13"

Canvas & stitch guide: $115.00

Jack-o-Lantern Basket:

You'll have such fun stitching this cheery basket from Renaissance Designs. You'll get stitch suggestions for the sides of the basket as well as the handle. You'll love filling this Pumpkin with candy!

Dimensions: 6" high, 5.75" diameter
14 mesh
Canvas & Stitch Guide: $220.00

Country Santa:

This adorable patchwork, country santa, painted by Gimmies, has been appliqued onto a bag ready to hold a pile of presents. Includes great layered stitches & some beading.

Dimensions: 7" x 18.5"

Canvas & stitch guide: $230.00

Polar Bear Purse:

This polar bear, painted by Shelly Tribbey, has been finished into a wonderful little purse, perfect for a Holiday Party

Dimensions: 7" x 8"
Canvas & stitch guide: $120.00


You're going to love stitching this whimsical poolside scene. Makes a great pillow or poolside tote.

Dimensions: 16" x 10"
Canvas & stitch guide: $155.00

Zecca Purse

Claire has designed a fabulous stitch guide on this large,funky purse and it is stunning! The tote is 14" high and 20" at the widest part at the bottom.

Canvas: $495
Stitch Guide: $60

Projects by Laura Rich
Wacky House 2010:

Melissa Shirley's Wacky House is a delight to stich! You'll learn lots of new stitches and try new threads...

Witch's Hat 2007:

Melissa Shirley's canvas is helping us get in the mood again with this fabulous canvas that will have you stitching up a storm!

13 mesh

Canvas & Stitch Guide: $255

Big Bad Witch 2006:

This fabulous Melissa Shirley canvas will brighten any Halloween table and includes lots of different stitches.

Canvas & Stitch Guide:

Oak Tree Designs Snowpeople & Santa

This whimsical series of snowpeople capped off with a fabulous Santa are available individually or as a series.

Click here to see more details...

We have a NEW series of snowpeople for here to see these wonderful little ornaments

Melissa Shirley's Candy Canes

Our stitch guide includes six designs with fun stitches which will stretch your imaginations and put a smile on your face!

Click here for more details...

EXCLUSIVE to Old World Designs!
Christmas Cable Car by Raymond Crawford

We finished our cable car to be a box to hold Christmas cards, but it would also make a fabulous framed piece, pillow or purse! This fun stitch guide will show you some new stitches and put a smile on your face!

Canvas: 9" x 6"
Christmas Card Box: 11.5" x 9"

18 Mesh

Canvas & Stitch Guide: $125

Glitz Necklace

For advanced stitchers, Laura has designed this fabulous necklace of composite stitches. Using Soie d'Alger, Metallics & Beads, you'll learn how to layer and compose stitches.

The stitch guide specifies threads and bead can pick your own colors!

Click here for more information...

Projects by Jennifer Burkett

We love these wonderful, whirling snowmen!

Fee: $190, includes canvas and stitch guide

Trick or Treat!

You'll have such fun stitching this whimsical canvas....

$185 Canvas
$25 Stitch Guide

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