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Needlepoint Gallery

We are so pleased that our clients allowed us to share some of their incredible stitching with you. We hope you enjoy seeing what is possible....

Stockings Ornaments Purses 3-D Figures Pillows

This amazing rug was stitched by Joyce Gorney....very impressive!

Detail from stocking

Add years to the life of your stocking by using a tag instead of stitching the name directly onto the stocking!

Many of our clients dress up their amazing stockings with tassels...for that extra bit of elegance!

Did you notice the extra fish?
They're buttons!

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Stitching detail from Sheep Ornament

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This colorful fish purse gets extra dimension from the fin, which was stitched separately and added later.
This wonderful purse is a large bag of purple velvet, with this whimsical piece inset on the face.
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We love this fabulous Santa by Pat Forbes! It will be perfect on the mantle!
We love this happy little dancing bunny from our friend, Free! Guaranteed to bring a smile to a little girl's face!

A nasty rumor was spreading that Linda didn't stitch, but here she is with her latest masterpiece!
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