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Melissa Shirley Designs
hand-painted needlepoint canvasses are very popular with our clients. Her web site displays some of her pieces. The complete catalog is available at Old World Designs.

We love the whimsy of Zecca's canvases! If you're looking for something a little off-beat that brings a smile to your face, check out these great always, we're happy to order anything from her collection for you....

Ruth Schmuff

We love Ruth's canvases and her stitch CD's

June McKnight

June has been part of the OWD family from the beginning. Both as a teacher and as an author of wonderful needlepoint books, June shares her passion for needlepoint with all of us! Her new website lists all her books (so you can check if you have all of them) and her classes...

Shorebird Designs

Kathryn Molineaux is known for her gorgeous canvases of birds, fish and animals...If we don't have the canvas you're looking for, we're happy to order it.

Betsy B. Originals

If you're looking for Sorority or Fraternity Canvases, Betsy B. has you covered. We're happy to order for you if you find what you're looking for....

Unique NZ Designs - These whimsical canvases always put a smile on our face! You can order any of the canvases through Old World Designs...just give us a call!

We carry many of Amanda Lawford's canvases, but to see the full line, visit Amanda's website...

Raymond Crawford -

You won't want to miss these fabulous canvases! Raymond is known for his sense of humor and his "cakes."

David's Studio

David Studio is the forum for featuring new and current Designs by David McCaskill, a teaching schedule, Tip, Tricks & Techniques and more

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