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Novice - Intermediate Stitch

Welcome to the world of Cross Stitches...

The first graph shows the order of stitches for a standard cross stitch. The final stitch (3-4) should always be on top. This helps to distinguish it from any continental or basketweave stitches nearby.

For a little more interest, consider mixing Upright and traditional Cross Stitches. Pick one form of cross stitch and stitch all of them, then go back and add the other kind of cross stitch.

To make it even more interesting:

  • Consider stitching the cross stitches with different fibers, but in the same color (i.e. Neon Rays mixed with Very Velvet)

  • Consider stitching the cross stitches with the same fiber, but different shades of the same color....this will add depth.

Novice - Intermediate Stitch

This is a great stitch when you have interruptions.

First stitch the Pavillion...over 2, then 4, then 6, then 4, then 2.

After you have stitched the Pavilion, overstitch it with the crow's feet in an alternating color or different fiber (i.e., a metallic).

The Crow's feet has 3 stitches all coming into one hole. One to the left, one straight up and one to the right. This gives a nice definition to the Pavilion stitch.

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