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Humorous Canvases
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Click on the images to see a larger picture, as well as the artist, dimensions, mesh and price.

Mr. Walrus

Mr. Fox

Carrot Caberet

Carrot Gown

But Brad...

Never Again

My Prince

London Frog

Party Animal

Fish Tales Told Here

Frog Prince

Frog Queen

Rooster Chef

Rooster Waiter

Sisters Since Birth....

Grandmothers are....

Motherhood is....

Honeymoon Couple

Our Lady of
the Trailer Park

Menopause Relief Prayer

Our Lady of

Supreme Dieting Icon



Nancy H

It Turns to $

Garden Angel

Mermaid Tail on the Line

Life is Uncertain...

Frog Chef

Frog Stitcher

Beach Follies - Clam

Beach Follies - Crab

The New Hobby

Reading is a Family Affair

It's a Family Thing

Time for Walkies

Sharing the Bed

Privacy Not Allowed

Going for a Ride

Deja Moo





Lichtenstein Girl Purse

Lichtenstein "POW" Purse

The Club

Sushi Bar

True Love

Sushi Lunch

Smell my Feet

Pull up your big girl panties...

Skinny Dip

Give me bittersweet or give me dark...dahlink!

Flying Monkeys...

You'll always be...

Flying Pig

Still a Hot Babe

Partying Yorkies

Partying Pugs

Good Dog....Bad Dog

Shoe Princess

Drying Her Nails

Beach Babes

Bear on a Bike

Three French Hens

Beach Mamas 2

Hotsy Totsy

Sun Worshippers

Two Women with Hats

Girls' Night Out

We were all together

Take a Deep Breath

She was so bad they sent
her to Catholic School

Cat Scrabble


Rudolph Mini Stocking

Heart Warmer Mini Stocking

Gone Shopping

Buzz Off

Shootin' Hoops

Women in History


Surfer Girls


Happy Birthday Frame

Dream Big

How I Miss My Mind

Girls Rule

Cat Hugger

Nuff Said

Fuget About It

Bah Hum Bug

Woman's Closet

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