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Carmen Miranda


Wicked Witch of the West

Queen of Hearts

Woman's Face

African Woman #3

African Woman

Women's Faces

Anne of Cleves

Anne Boleyn

Catherine of Aragon

Jane Seymour

Katherine Parr

Kathryn Howard

Henry VIII

Box to hold
Henry and his wives

Soul Singer

Island Girl

Blue-Haired Girl

Don't Cry Shop Girl

But Brad...

Never Again

Dancing Girl with Peacock Feathers

Dancing Girl with
Jeweled Mask

Dog Lady

Yellow Coat

Glamour Ladies


60's Shoppers


Watering Can

African Dance

African Dance II

Motherhood is....

Sisters Since Birth....

Grandmothers are....

Two Women


Little Steps

Red Bag and Gloves

The Swan

Chuck Wagon

Joker Wild


Garden Angel

Our Lady of
the Trailer Park

Our Lady of

Menopause Relief Prayer

Supreme Dieting Icon

3 Women -
Red Checked

3 French Women -
Red Solid

3 Women -
Blue Checked

Woman with a Goat

Beach Follies - Crab

Beach Follies - Clam



Lady with Umbrella

Beach Lady

Faith Hope Honor

Lounging Ladies
Eyeglass Case

Hotsy Totsy

Apple Tree

Sitting Pretty

Bongo Dancer

Sun Worshippers

Mary in Orange

Mary in Green

Mary in Blue

Polynesian Woman

Pull up your big girl panties...

Smell my Feet

Skinny Dip

Martini Anyone?

Lichtenstein Girl Purse

The Club

Give me bitterseet or give me dark...dahlink!

Golf Mama 1

Golf Mamas 2

Beach Mamas 2

At the Beach

Gathering Cotton

Laundry Day

Off To Church

3 Ladies

Two Women with Hats

Sitting with a Cat

Hard to be Queen...

Tough Cookies Rarely Crumble

She was so bad...

A Day at the Beach


Girl with Dog

Take a Deep Breath

Girls' Night Out

We were all together

A Day in the Country


Happy Birthday Frame

Hammock in the Sun

Beach Babes

Ladies Shopping

Sofa Ladies

Sunflower Madonna

Woodland Madonna

Friends Purse

Dream Big

Moe Zaick

Smyrna Kraw

Frenchie Knot

Connie Nan Tel

Barr Giello

Vye Anne Dyke

Bessie Kate Weeve

Shopping Lady

Party Girls

Calamity Jane


Marie Antoinette




Betsy Ross

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