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Many canvases can be made into a small pocketbook or a larger tote bag. The canvases on this page were specifically designed to be purses. If you would like to have a canvas made into a tote or purse, please contact us and we can advise you.

Also, don't forget we have a whole line of OWD exclusive tote bags.

Click on the images to see a larger picture, as well as the artist, dimensions, mesh and price.

Green-Eyed Tiger


Brown & Turquoise Purse

River of Flowers Insert

Group Therapy

Dragon Mask

Asian Floral

Woman's Face


The Princess and the Pea

Beach Baby

Hydrangea Purse

Red Hots Purse

Pink Flower Purse

Blue Flower Purse

Mellow Yellow Flower Purse

Hearts Purse

Shoes & Bags Purse

Frogs & Bugs Purse

Frog Purse

Colored Dots Purse

Crab Purse

Lobster Nautical Purse

Beetle Purse

Flip Flops Purse

Lily Purse

Burgundy Floral Purse

Floral Gingham Purse

Flamingo Purse

Flip-Flop Purse

Poodle Purse

Bug Purse

Poppy Purse

Flip Flop Purse

Elephant Purse

Iris Purse

Little Feet Purse

Apple Pie Purse

Lichtenstein Girl Purse

Lichtenstein "POW" Purse

Floral Geometric Purse

Bejeweled Purse

Blue Jeans Purse

Insect Purse

Key West Purse

Wild Things Satchel Purse

Shell Tote

Giraffe Purse

Tulip Purse

White Orchid Purse

Peach Flowers Purse

Pink Flowers Purse

Floral Purse

Bee Hive Purse

Frog Purse

Dragonfly Purse

Iris & purse

Halloween Purse - Trick or Treat

Floral Clutch Purse

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