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Transportation Canvases
All watch canvases are $89 and include the watch face, ultra suede backing and buckle. The canvases are 18 mesh.

WB-501 La Petite Fleur - Blue

WB-527 Lattice

WB-502 La Petite Fleur - Yellow

WB-528 Watermelon

WB-503 La Petite Fleur - Red

WB-529 Plaid Red

WB-619 La Petite Fleur - Black

WB-514 Burberry

WB-504 Indienne - Yellow

WB-610 Burberry Pink

WB-505 Indienne - Black

WB-611 Burberry Blue

WB-506 Arles Fleur - Red

WB-612 Plaid Green & Blue

WB-507 Arles Fleur - Yellow

WB-613 Plaid Purple & White

WB-508 Arles Fleur - Blue

WB-614 Plaid Purple & Yellow

WB-509 Arles Fleur - Green

WB-727 Plaid Pastel

WB-511 Hearts & Stripes

WB-510 Checkerboard

WB-512 Leopard Print

WB-616 Gingham Red

WB-722 Large Leopard Print

WB-617 Gingham Blue

WB-513 Zebra Print

WB-618 Gingham Pink

WB-515 Signal Flags

WB-615 White, comes with Greek Letters

WB-516 Racing Flags

WB-525 Cards - White

WB-517 Breast Cancer Awareness

WB-524 Cards - Green

WB-518 Christmas Trees

WB-521 Martini

WB-721 Christmas Lights

WB-526 Ladybugs

WB-720 Santa Claus - Green

WB-724 Rosebud - Black

WB-723 Santa Claus - Black

WB-725 Rosebud - Blue

WB-519 Candy Corn

WB-730 Rosebud - White

WB-520 Pumpkins

WB-728 Easter Egg

WB-522 Golf

WB-731 Pucci Print Blue/Green

WB-523 Football

WB-726 Pucci Print Red/Purple

WB-729 "I Enjoy Being a Girl"

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